Do I Need a Root Canal?
By Ajax Dental Center
August 13, 2018
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Root CanalSalvage your natural tooth, gums and bone: those are the aims of root canal therapy performed by Dr. Jafapour, Dr. Kwong and Dr. Elhaddad, your dentists at Ajax Dental Centre. For years, root canals have returned failing teeth to full health, appearance and function. If you're having uncomfortable dental symptoms or worry that a tooth with several fillings may break, come to Ajax Dental Centre for a root canal consultation.

Root canals and you

Actually, everyone has root canals. They are the super-narrow, pulp-filled chambers inside your tooth roots. Both baby and adult teeth have them, and through decay, accidental injury or infection, they can become inflamed. The resulting symptoms are:

  • Unrelenting toothache pain
  • Sensitivity to pressure, cold and heat
  • Darkened enamel
  • Pus, drainage and bad breath
  • Swelling of the gums and jaw
  • Red gums
  • A pimple on the gums near the affected tooth

Fortunately, you can get some relief from these symptoms with ibuprofen and ice to the jaw. However, you should see your Ajax dentist as soon as possible for an evaluation. A close examination of your tooth, including X-rays, may reveal abscess and destruction of tooth enamel and dentin (the second tooth layer) and adjoining bone. Depending on your dentist's findings, your tooth could benefit from precise root canal therapy.

Details on the treatment

While some teeth are so damaged they cannot be salvaged, many can be. Whenever possible, your professional team at Ajax Dental Centre recommends root canal therapy to extract inflamed and infected pulp and seal and support the remaining hard dental structure. Fortunately, the adult tooth can stay strong and functional without the nerves and blood vessels which run through it.

Most patients do well with simple local anesthetic during their root canal treatments. When the area is sufficiently numbed, the dentist accesses the first canal. The pulp is removed, and the dentist adds antimicrobial medication. All canals are similarly cleaned and then sealed with biocompatible gutta-percha. The dentist places a temporary restoration (crown or filling) until the final crown is ready and the tooth is fully healed.

Your restored tooth

It will be:

  • Pain-free
  • Infection-free
  • Strong
  • Natural-looking and functioning
  • Long-lasting

In fact, your restored tooth is far superior to any conventional tooth replacement option and should last far longer, too.

Do you need a root canal?

Find out at your individual consultation at Ajax Dental Centre. Call today for a convenient appointment: (905) 426-8304.