Can I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed As An Adult?

Patients who seek wisdom tooth extractions in Ajax, ON will typically rely on the experts at Ajax Dental Centre. Of course, there are many adults who find themselves wondering if they are too old to have their wisdom teeth removed. While this is a common question, especially for those who have teenagers at home who have recently had the procedure performed, there is no reason to fret.

Let’s take a closer look at the most frequently asked questions about this procedure and how it affects adults:

When Do These Teeth Typically Arrive?

The ADA states that wisdom teeth typically arrive between the ages of 17 and 21. However, these physical milestones do not adhere to these guidelines in a strict sense. Wisdom teeth can arrive before these ages and more importantly for adults who are considering the procedure, they can arrive after.

What Happens When They Erupt?

One of the more common misconceptions when it comes to wisdom teeth is the concept of eruption. Wisdom teeth may arrive at a variety of different ages but they do not always have to break the gum line. Even if they do not, patients may still require an extraction down the line. In some cases, those who have never had their wisdom teeth come in will require a dental appointment. This is when X-rays will also be required for wisdom tooth extractions in Ajax, ON, to confirm that the patient is not in need of any additional assistance.

Can Wisdom Teeth Be Removed Later On?

In a word, yes. Older adults are not precluded from having their wisdom teeth removed. The oral surgeon will still need to have a real reason to extract them, though. Infection, impacting, crowding and decay are among the most common reasons for these types of removals. Older adults should never neglect the benefits of the procedure if they are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues.

Otherwise, their oral sensitivity could worsen over time. Gum diseases, cysts, and tumors become more common when wisdom teeth are not being removed in a timely manner. The surrounding teeth may also experience severe damage because of a problematic wisdom tooth that was not removed. The procedure comes with some risks but these risks exist regardless of the patient’s age group.

When it comes time for a patient to decide on the right procedures for their needs, they will want to pick up the phone and contact Ajax Dental Centre at 905-426-8304. They are able to handle wisdom teeth extractions in Ajax, ON in as timely a manner as possible. Be sure to take a moment to speak to their experienced professionals whenever you are considering any dental procedure of this magnitude.

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