Why You Shouldn't Fear A Root Canal Treatment

A root canal might sound scary, but it’s really not. Here’s what you should know…

Did you decide to get on Google to read stories about root canals and now you’re nervous? The problem with this is that there is a lot of myths and inaccurate information out there and it can often leave people feeling scared about getting otherwise simple dental procedures that they need to preserve and protect their smiles. Our Ajax, Ontario, Canada, dentists Dr. Saeid Jafarpour, Dr. Kevin Kwong, Dr. Azza Elhaddad want you to feel confident knowing that there is really nothing to fear when it comes to getting root canal treatment.

Root Canal Treatment Stops Pain Not Causes It

You may be convinced that a root canal is going to be painful, but rest assured that this endodontic therapy is designed to remove the source of your pain (aka, the infected dental pulp). This procedure will actually alleviate your discomfort so you don’t have to deal with that mind-numbing toothache again.

We Numb the Area First

Our Ajax, Ontario, Canada dentists know that patients want to feel as comfortable and at ease in the dental chair as possible, especially when getting root canal treatment. You’ll be happy to hear that before we start the procedure we will thoroughly numb the area around the tooth with local anesthesia. Even better news: The outside layers of the tooth do not contain nerves, so you won’t experience pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Root Canals Aren’t Invasive

Most people worry that a root canal is time-consuming and quite invasive, but we’re pleased to report that this procedure is really no more extensive or invasive than getting a tooth filled after a cavity. The procedure does involve us going inside the tooth to remove the pulp and disinfect the pulp chamber, but the whole procedure can be completed in about 1.5-2 hours.

If you have questions about getting root canal treatment or you are dealing with warning signs of an infected dental pulp, our Ajax, Ontario, Canada dental team are here to answer your questions and provide you with the care you deserve. Call Ajax Dental Centre immediately at (905) 426-8304 to talk to Dr. Saeid Jafarpour, Dr. Kevin Kwong, Dr. Azza Elhaddad.

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