Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

This tooth replacement may be exactly the treatment you’ve been looking implants

Dealing with tooth loss of any magnitude, whether it’s just one tooth or all of your teeth, can be a devastating experience. After all, you thought you would have your teeth forever. Unfortunately, there are many problems that can arise that can result in tooth loss. If this problem has happened to you, our Ajax, ON, dentists - Dr. Saeid Jafarpour, Dr. Kevin Kwong and Dr. Azza Elhaddad - are here to tell you how dental implants might be able to set things straight!

Sure, losing a permanent tooth immediately leaves an unsightly gap in your smile. Of course, there are a host of other complications that can befall your smile if you ignore your tooth loss. It’s important that you not only get a tooth replacement quickly but that you choose one that will offer the most benefit to your oral health.

One complication of untreated tooth loss is jawbone loss. The bone requires ample stimulation from tooth roots in order to thrive and stay healthy. When a tooth falls out or is extracted, the jawbone will no longer get the proper stimulation it needs, which will cause it to deteriorate.

Fortunately, dental implants are designed to take over the role and function of tooth roots, even going so far as to prevent the bone from losing density and shape. This is just one of the major benefits to getting dental implants from our Ajax implant dentists.

Whether you need to replace one or all of your missing teeth, dental implants can help. Implants are placed into a drilled hole in the jawbone where, over time, the metal implant will fuse together with the bone and tissue as it heals. Once the implant and jawbone have joined together it creates a reliable and long-term foundation from which to support an artificial tooth.

If you are replacing a single missing tooth then a dental crown will be custom-made and placed over the implant to complete the restoration. Of course, multiple implants can be placed along the jawbone to support a dental bridge or full set of dentures (if you are dealing with complete tooth loss).

If you are ready to find out if you are the perfect candidate for dental implants then it’s time you scheduled a consultation with us in Ajax, ON. Call Ajax Dental Centre today to find out how implants could restore your smile for life.

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