Common Signs That You May Need a Root Canal
By Ajax Dental Center
December 26, 2018
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Mouth PainOne of dentistry's most common and effective restorations, root canal therapy--or endodontic therapy--preserves infected, cracked or heavily decayed teeth. A wonderful, comfortable alternative to dental extraction, a root canal treatment take only two visits with your dentists at Ajax Dental Centre. Dr. Saeid Jafarpour, Dr. Kevin Kwong and Dr. Azza Elhaddad qualify patients with oral examination and X-rays, determining if an ailing tooth can be saved. Learn more here.

The root canal procedure

After determining a root canal treatment would help your oral health, the dentist numbs the tooth with locally-injected anesthetic. Then, a protective dam is placed and a small hole- created to access the first of two, three or even four interior chambers, or root canals.

The root canals contain soft pulp which has a blood supply, nerves and connective tissue. This pulp is prone to infection when injured through trauma, decay or even numerous restorative procedures.

During endodontic therapy, your dentist will remove the pulp from each canal using a rotary tool or a series of tiny metal files. He or she will reshape and smooth the canal walls and instill antibiotic medication. A biocompatible putty called gutta percha seals and strengthens each canal, and a temporary filling covers and protects the tooth as it heals.

When you return to Ajax Dental Centre, the doctor will remove the temporary restoration and replace it with a beautifully crafted porcelain crown. The crown blends in with the rest of your smile in terms of color, shape and size. With careful oral hygiene and professional follow-up every six months, the restored tooth can last indefinitely, says the American Association of Endodontists.

Signs you may need a root canal

Many people who need root canal treatments often experience these common symptoms:

  • Dental sensitivity to pressure, heat, color or sugar
  • A throbbing toothache
  • Gum and/or jaw swelling
  • Enamel discoloration
  • Deep crack or chip
  • Bad breath
  • Drainage
  • A pimple at the gum line
  • Red, sore gums

Unfortunately, some patients exhibit no symptoms whatsoever. So, this is why people need routine preventive care at Ajax Dental Centre. Six-month cleanings remove harmful plaque, and regular examinations detect problems as they are developing.

Find out more

If you suspect you have a problem tooth, don't hesitate to contact Ajax Dental Centre immediately. If you need a root canal treatment, expect the finest, gentlest care--and a tooth which is fully renewed! Call (905) 426-8304.